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The appropriate goal for each patient is health and well-being in the fullest sense! It is said that the best doctors treat illness before it manifests—that “a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The highest goal at Kanter Clinic is thus to help our patients to get well and stay well.

The combination of treatments I use addresses imbalances in all aspects of a person, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. Because physical imbalances often develop from issues on the emotional and spiritual planes, treating only the physical manifestation usually becomes managing the symptom rather than treating the root cause. While I do address my patients’ physical symptoms, I also pay attention to the root cause of their imbalances in order to reverse their symptoms.

The relationship I have with my patients is the context in which “healing” becomes possible. I listen closely with my ears and my heart, thus “getting” my patients’ true issues and needs. Often being heard and understood takes the patient a long way toward the healing they seek and need. I believe that the need to be heard and understood is what is driving the tremendous increase in the use of alternative health care.

I am probably more open to the conventional perspective of modern allopathic medicine than many alternative medical practitioners. Occasionally I recommend that my patients utilize allopathic medicine if I think it will help. There is no room for dogma in medical care, or for a rigid belief system about right and wrong. In my opinion, the best treatment is what works, and what is the most beneficial for each patient. If I am not able to offer what my patients need, I will readily refer them to, and collaborate with, other practitioners, be they allopathic or alternative. I thus consider myself to be an integrative medical practitioner in the purest sense.

Because of my personal experience with disease and sensitivities to environmental irritants such as electrical, electrical-magnetic, radiation, and geopathic imbalances, I empathize with patients who have similar issues. I am able to offer help to so-called “sensitives” who often have the fate of wandering from doctor to doctor and practitioner to practitioner in search of someone who understands their situation. Such patients are often the victims of judgment, being blamed for having illnesses which “are in their heads,” and they can find it very difficult to get help.

Vibrant health is based in the way one lives one’s life, in all aspects. Thus, in addition to the various treatments offered at Kanter Clinic, I often make lifestyle recommendations. These might include suggestions regarding personalized nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

My background in Chinese Medicine and the training I have received in Energy Medicine and in Integrative Medicine form the backbone of my approach as a doctor. My dedication to staying on the forefront of alternative and complementary medicine, to elaborating, deepening, and increasing my skills, and to continuing my education, is a constant and beneficial addition to this foundation.


Dr. Rebekah Kanter

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