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It is unfortunately the case that since the 50’s some 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into the environment and industry. These chemicals have found their way into our bodies through the foods we eat, the products we apply to our bodies, the air we breathe, and the items we use in our homes. The human body did not evolve in the midst of such chemicals and metals and they thus behave like foreign pathogens and invaders. They become the source of dysfunction and unpleasant symptoms, leading to allergies, cancer, neurological disease, and autoimmune disease.

Here at Kanter Clinic we address the issue of the lifelong need to detoxify with every patient. It is a cornerstone of any treatment plan. Following are the methods we use to address this important health issue.

Laser Detox

The purpose of this technique is to rid a patient of chemical and metal toxins which are bothering them. First the patient is tested to ascertain which toxins are adversely affecting them. Then laser light is passed through a vile containing a homeopathic preparation of that toxin. The laser light is then swept across the body in a protocol fashion, thus ridding the body of the toxin and thus of the issues it is causing. It is a highly effective rapid detoxification therapy that helps alter the effects if the toxins in the body. Some people improve in 24 hours, rather than in weeks or months. This technique thus provides a speedy way to help the patient achieve greater health. Read more about laser detox.


Targeted supplements provide the cornerstone of any detoxification program. By using Kinesiology, lab testing, and Electro-dermal screening, we can find the toxins to which the patient has been exposed. On this basis we can construct a customized program for detoxification based on supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and other related supplements. Other therapies which might be included are the use of a Far Infrared Sauna, exercise, and nutritional support.

Neural Therapy

German therapeutic system which involves shallow injections into areas of the body which themselves require help, which will support healing in other problematic areas, and / or will promote detoxification. Substances which are injected include homeopathics and vitamins. This causes the areas to detoxify, repair, and heal. Read more about Neural Therapy.


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