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Here at Kanter Clinic, we adopt a broad definition of allergies. Of course we address the conventional idea of food allergies. Indeed we find this to be one of the direct causes of disease and feel that food allergies underlie the national epidemic of autoimmune disease. We also adopt a more unconventional idea of allergies as including adverse reactions to a broader class of environmental irritants such as EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequences), environmental radiation, geopathic stress, as well as to poor design of one’s home, bedroom, as well as the other rooms in the house. In short we view ‘allergies’ as adverse reactions to elements in a patient’s external environment.

We work with patients to determine the sources of their adverse reactions to their environments and to ameliorate the ill-effects. This is accomplished through extensive history, muscle testing, computer testing, and lab testing. Once the source of the allergic irritation is determined, we use the following therapies and treatments to bring our patients into a greater state of harmony with their external environments:


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