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Injection Therapy

Here at Kanter Clinic, we just Injection therapies to add ‘bang to the buck’ of our other more foundational therapies like Acupuncture. Our injections therapies provide more targeted treatment of stubborn pain, constitutional, and detoxification issues.

But not to worry, we use very tiny needles. The injected medicament goes in very quickly and only to the layer just under the skin. And it frequently addresses stubborn issues which need just a little extra attention.


Trigger Point Therapy

A ‘Trigger Point’ is frequently a hard tender lump within a muscle and the surrounding tissue which causes pain locally as well as at other locations in the body. Stimulating it often can elicit a specific effect in another part of the body about which the patient is complaining. These lumps build up over time. It can be difficult to persuade the body to release them. Thus direct penetration into the area of the lump with either just a needle (dry needling) or by injected homeopathics and vitamins may enable the lump to dissolve, and with it the symptoms about which the patient is complaining. Here at Kanter Clinic we use natural and harmless homeopathics and vitamins to inject into the trigger points, followed by manual manipulation to encourage the lump to break up. Read more on Trigger Point Therapy.

Neural Therapy

German therapeutic system which involves shallow injections into areas of the body which themselves require help, which will support healing in other problematic areas, and / or will promote detoxification. Substances which are injected include homeopathics and vitamins. This causes the areas to detoxify, repair, and heal. Read more on Neural Therapy.


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