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‘Rife technology’ was created by Dr. Royal Rife, a physician who lived during the 20th century. It uses light and sound measured in Hertz to treat disease. Dr. Rife was noteworthy for having built a microscrope that could ‘see’ viruses. He believed that cancer was caused by a virus. Using his microscope while looking at slides of a patient’s diseased tissue, he varied the Hertz frequencies emitted by his instrument until he found those which ‘bombarded’ the pathogens in the tissue and thus destroyed them. In his landmark experiment he cured 14 out of 14 cases of prostate cancer. While his microscope has never been copied, his technology has. Here at Kanter Clinic we can use Electro-Dermal Screening (EAV) to find the specific frequencies that will balance problematic meridians. Then using our Rife instrument we can create a customized program of those frequencies. You can come and relax while this program is running in order to be treated for the meridian imbalances. Read more on laser detox.

RIFE technology


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