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‘Energy Medicine’ is a term which describes the set of medical modalities that treat the energy in the body.

The Chinese call it ‘Qi’. the Japanese call it “Ki”. In the East, energy has always been recognized as the most fundamental level of existence of the body. It has taken us in the West a bit longer to reach the same conclusion. But now physicists also acknowledge that matter is actually energy in various forms. In fact, according to the point of view of ‘energy medicine’, disease first manifests on the energetic level and if left untreated, eventually will cause trouble in the anatomy and physiology of the body.

So the goal of energy medicine is to treat disease on the energetic level before it causes problems in the physical body. Put another way, we’re trying to catch it and treat it early so you never get sick.

At Kanter Clinic, we use the following tools from the toolbox of Energy Medicine to address your complaints. We will use the best combination of them in order to restore your health and sense of wellbeing.

  • Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV)
  • Kinesiology
  • Laser Detox
  • Pulsed Ultrasound and Laser
  • Rife Technology

Following is a brief explanation of each.

Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV)

This technique was discovered and created by Dr. Rhinehart Voll who, through its creation, became the father of German Biological Medicine. It is also known as Electro-dermal Screening and Bioenergetic Medicine. Dr. Voll was an expert in anatomy, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Thus EAV is a technique which combines the understanding of each of these. By means of a computer, electronic equipment, and an experienced operator an analysis of the imbalances in the meridians can be accurately and quickly obtained. What becomes clear through this process is the degree of inflammation and/or degeneration present in each meridian and organ system. Then through balancing the problematic meridians with homeopathic remedies, supplements, herbs, and electronic signals a corresponding therapy and treatment can be customized for each patient.

EAV is a completely non-invasive and pain free procedure. There are no dangers or side effects involved with this form of treatment.

This type of analysis is also particularly suitable for the treatment and management of chronic disease, allergies, detoxification, and emotional issues. It enables the therapist to find unresolved infections which are often the source of a patient’s complaints. It enables the determination of a hypoallergenic diet, one which will not add ‘fuel to the fire’ of the symptoms the patient routinely experiences. Using EAV it is possible to find the source of chemical and heavy metal intoxification so that a detoxification protocol can be directly targeted to the source of the problem. It is well known that there have been some 80,000 chemicals introduced into our environments and thus into our bodies. These must be found and escorted out of the body to prevent cancer, and neurological and autoimmune disease. EAV also permits matching a remedy to a particular patient’s emotional stress. Click here to read more on EAV

Applied Kinesiology

Kinesiology is commonly referred to as ‘muscle testing’. It has been shown through research that two things will cause a muscle to weaken when stressed. The first is when pressure is applied to a muscle next to which a toxin or allergen has been placed. Second, a muscle will go weak when a vial of a toxin or microbe is placed next to an organ which contains that identical toxin or microbe. In other words if a toxin or allergen is placed next to a muscle and the patient is asked to use all their strength to resist pressure which is being applied to that muscle, they will be not be able to do so. Likewise if the toxin is removed the muscle will become strong again.

Here at Kanter Clinic we utilize this technique to test which substances and remedies are both beneficial and toxic to our patients. This technique thus allows us to hone our treatments to address the specific constitutions and concerns of each patient. It also facilitates the creation of a treatment which is customized for each patient. Read more on Applied Kinesiology.

Laser Detox

The purpose of this technique is to rid a patient of chemical and metal toxins which are bothering them. First the patient is tested to ascertain which toxins are adversely affecting them. Then laser light is passed through a vile containing a homeopathic preparation of that toxin. The laser light is then swept across the body in a protocol fashion, thus ridding the body of the toxin and thus of the issues it is causing. It is a highly effective rapid detoxification therapy that helps alter the effects if the toxins in the body. Some people improve in 24 hours, rather than in weeks or months. Read more on Laser Detox.

Pulsed Ultrasound and Laser

Here at Kanter Clinic, we used pulsed ultrasound and the cold laser to treat pain, meridian imbalance, and disease. They both address issues of tissue-rebuilding after injury, trauma, disease, pain, and inflammation. In fact both can be used in place of acupuncture needles for patients who are needle sensitive. This provides wonderful alternatives for children especially. We use it to treat the same points that would be used in a conventional acupuncture treatment. (At our clinic ultrasound is not used diagnostically.)


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